SWTOR KOTET Story Chapters Guide

SWTOR KOTET Story Chapters Guide with cutscenes and influence altering dialogues.  

Important Choices and Companion Affairs

Spoilers obviously but if you want to know the important choices, companion recruitment and companion death here is where all the action are.

Companions you killed off in story like Koth, Aric Jorgan, Kaliyo, Scorpio, Torian, Vette can be reacquired at the companion locator terminal in Odessen alliance base for everyday use. For story purposes they are assumed to be dead and won’t play any role.

  • I don’t know if you can get Senya/Arcann back this way, will need to double check.


Chapter 1

  • If you want to recruit Arcann as your companion, you must spare Senya and let her heal Arcann. Arcann will join you in Chapter 6. Otherwise you can kill off Arcann in Chapter 6.
  • You can kill Senya here and remove her presence from the story.

Chapter 2

  • You can kill off Saresh and Lorman here in this Chapter.
  • Acina will join you as a temporary companion in this Chapter.

Chapter 3

  • You can finally kill Koth here if he left your alliance in KOTFE.

Chapter 5

  • Koth can rejoin your alliance in Chapter 5 if you allow him.

Chapter 6

  • Arcann will either join your alliance here and become a permanent companion or you can kill him depending on your choices in Chapter 1.

Chapter 7

  • If you absorb Dramath into the holocron in this Chapter, he will reappear as a temporary companion in Chapter 9.

Chapter 8

  • You have to let either Vette or Torian die, there is no happy ending where both lives.

Chapter 1: Wrath and Ruin




The choices here you make in Chapter I are especially important for deciding if Arcann joins your alliance later on in the story. If you wish to have Arcann, do not attack Senya and help her instead.


Light side (Save Arcann)


  • Defeat Zakuul Assault Groups to Secure the Landing Area
  • Break through the bridge
  • Defeat PA-717 Planetary Assault Goliath
  • Rendezvous with the Alliance Force on the Northern Plateau
  • Find a Way to Reach Eastern Voss-Ka
    • Fully Involved (Bonus): Assist Friendly Forces in the Alien Enclave 0/5. 8814 credits, 87,521 XP
    • Extrajudical Heroism (Bonus): 8814 credits, 87,521 XP
  • Reach Theron at the Tower of Prophecy
Trigger: Theron says Voss are safe inside the Tower of Prophecy
  1. Protect the Voss at all costs
  2. Good work, Theron/[Flirt] Nicely Done – Theron appreciates (+200 Influence)
  3. Forget the Voss
  • Defend the Tower of Prophecy, Theron Shan Must Survive
  • Speak to Theron Shan
Trigger: Sana-Rae says she saw a vision of your arrival
  1. The Voss are safe now
  2. Your visions can help us
  3. Only fools trust prophecy – Sane Rae will remember that (+200 Influence)
Trigger: Senya says Hello Outlander
  1. Sorry I shot you (KOTFE choice)– Senya approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Good to see you
  3. Explain yourself
  4. Hello Traitor
  5. You’re wasting my time
Trigger: Senya says Arcann needs your help
  1. That is a big request
  2. Tell me why I should help
  3. Your son deserves death – Senya disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Board the Storm Rider
  • Reach the Shrine of Healing
Trigger: Voss commando says hiding is the only choice
  1. I’ll create a distraction
  2. There must be another path
  3. Rejoin the battle—or else (+50 DS Points)
Trigger: Koth asks if you missed him (if he didn’t betray you)
  1. Glad you’re here – Koth approves (+200 Influence)
  2. [Flirt] Let me demonstrate – Koth approves that (+200 Inf
  3. How’s the view?
  4. Not amused
Trigger: Koth says you look really small from up here (if he betrayed you)
  1. We don’t have to fight
  2. Offense taken
  3. That’s my ship! – Koth disapproves
  4. Give me back my ship – Koth disapproves
  • Defeat the Zakuul Walker
  • Find Senya and Arcann
Trigger: Senya asks you to trust her
  1. We will save Arcann together (+150 LS)
  2. Arcann must die (+150 DS)

This action is important as you get to kill Senya if you pick the second option and you don’t get Arcann as a companion later on

  • Stop the Skytrooper Ambush
  • Reach Senya’s Position
  • Use the Ray Shield Console
  • Hold Off Zakuul Forces
  • Speak to Theron Shan
  • Planet Explosive Charges on the Hallway Pillars: 0/6
  • Detonate the Charges at a Safe Location
  • Meet up with Senya
Trigger: If you pick the kill Arcan option previously and defeated Senya
  1. Die with honor
  2. Why die for Arcann?
  3. You can’t save him (+50 DS)

Senya dies here

  • Catch Arcann

Chapter 2: Run for the Shadows





Dark Side (Kill Lorman and Saresh)


  • Rendevous with Minister Lorman
  • Take Acina’s Private Shuttle
  • Defeat the Jungle Beasts
  • Find the Shuttle Locator Beacon
  • Defeat the GenoHaradan Scouting Party
  • Recover GenoHaradan Navigation Coordinates: 0/3
    • Discharged (Bonus): Use the Lightning Spire Controls: 0/2. 19.692 credits, 68,290 XP
  • Investigate Equipment in the GenoHaradan Camp: 0/3
    • Bonus: Jungle A.R.C: Defeat Jungle Creatures Using the A.R.C: 0/10. 19.692 credits, 68,290 XP. A.R.C. can be found in a locker at the GenoHaradan camp
  • Find a Way out of the Tomb
    • Bonus: Relic Hunter: Scan and Use Located Relics 0/4. 19.692 credits, 68,290 XP. Pick up the scanner at the entrance to the tomb to start this bonus mission.


    • Decorative Blade Relic


    • Stone Relic and Decorative Stone Podium


    • Blade Rock


  • Defeat the GenoHaradan Leader and Hunters
Trigger: Theron asks Lorman if this is who he sent to capture them
  1. What a relief.
  2. Eventful day?
  3. I missed all the fun – Lana is amused (+200 influence)
Trigger: Theron says you need to stop doing this to him
  1. We need to stop Saresh
  2. [Flirt] Miss me? – Theron missed you (+200 Influence)
  3. I’m destroying Saresh
Trigger: Acina asks if you like to kill the traitor
  1. Let him go, +50 LS
  2. Make him a slave – Acina greatly approves, +50 DS
  3. Why not both? – Acina approves, +100 DS
  • Take Lorman’s Shuttle
Trigger: Saresh says you know everything
  1. Confess
  2. Why, Saresh?
  3. [Punch Her] – Theron is greatly amused (+200 Influence), +50 DS
Trigger: Saresh asks what you going to do to her
  1. I’m not you – Theron Shan approves (+200 Influence), +150 LS
  2. Execution it is. [Kill her] – Theron Shan approves (+200 influence), +150 DS
  • Use the War Room Terminal

Chapter 3: Dark Reunions




Dark Side (Kill Koth)


Trigger: Distress call from Koth if he betrayed you
  1. We’ll hear him out
  2. It better be about my ship
  3. Let him beg for help – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  • Confront Vaylin on the Bridge
    • Infestation (Bonus): Eliminate Enemy Patrols: 0/5. 20,304 credits, 69,498 XP
  • Find a Way Out of the Power Generation Room
    • Reroute Power Conduit Aurek
    • Reroute Power Conduit Besh
    • Reroute Power Conduit Cresh
  • Confront Vaylin on the Bridge
  • Disable the Bomb Fuses: 0/3
  • Defeat the Horizon Guard
  • Confront Vaylin on the Bridge
  • Speak to Koth
Trigger: Len Parvek says he is sorry
  1. Where is she?
  2. Vaylin has a way with people
  3. You’re useless/Blame Koth – Koth will remember your indifference (+50 Influence)
  • Help Lana in the Dark Sanctuary
  • Defeat the Horizon Guard
  • Confront Vaylin
  • Deactivate the Shield Power Relays before the Bomb Explodes (check the maintenance tunnels in the southmost Power Relay Room)
Trigger: Koth says thanks for saving his crew (if Koth betrayed you)
  1. I did it for you – Koth appreciates that (+200 Influence)
  2. I’m not holding any grudges – Koth appreciates that (+200 Influence)
  3. That’s what you wanted me for
  4. You made them criminals
Trigger: If you didn’t pick the not holding grudges option
  1. I forgive you anyway – Koth appreciates that (+200 Influence), +150 LS
  2. [Punch Koth] You owe me this, +50 DS
  3. [Kill Koth] Die, traitor, +150 DS

If you picked option 3, you get to kill Koth for good.

Trigger: Koth says we didn’t blow up (If Koth didn’t betray you)
  1. From now on, keep me updated
  2. [Flirt] You owe me a kiss – Koth is amused (+200 Influence)
  3. Don’t go behind my back again
  4. [Punch Koth], +50 DS

Chapter 4: Where Dreams Die






Trigger: Scorpio says it will promise to remember you kindly
  1. That’s a huge revelation
  2. Just point me to Vaylin
  3. And I will bury you hatefully – Scorpio is disappointed (+200 Influence)
  • Repair the Omnicannon
  • Find Your Crew
    • (Bonus): Shadows of the Past: Access the Technoliths: 0/5. 70,528 XP, 9654 credits
    • Technoliths looks like consoles, the first one is pretty obvious. The second one you need to make a different path from the main objective (follow the green arrow). Third one is in the room with all the moving electricity traps and the last two are found in the East District.


Trigger: Torian greets you
  1. Thank the stars you’re alive! – Torian approves (+200 Influence)
  2. You’re taking all this well
  3. I almost attacked you
  • Defeat the Swarm Droids
  • Defeat the Knights of Zakuul
  • Speak to Torian
Trigger: Theron asks if you are having the same creepy day
  1. (Romance) I need to see you in person – Theron approves (+200 Influence)
  2. We’re less alone, now – Theron approves (+200 Influence)
  3. Things got even stranger
  4. Give me facts, not chatter – Theron disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Rendezvous With Your Crew
  • Speak to Vette
Trigger: Vette says you finally made it
  1. (Romance) I thought I’d lost you, Vette – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  2. It can wait. Are you okay? – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  3. Good news, I hope
  4. Broken relics won’t help us – Vette disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Defeat the Purifier Droids
  • Explore the tunnels
  • Investigate the Controls
  • Recover Power Cells: 0/3
  • Power the Bridge Control Console

Chapter 5: Ascension





Trigger: Scorpio says that ARIES is immensely powerful
  1. It makes sense
  2. You finally met your match
  3. I’ll destroy you both – SCORPIO disapproves
  • Defeat Purifier Drones
  • Speak to Vette
Trigger: Vette says it is completely shut down
  1. We must warn our friends
  2. This was a dead end
  3. Make yourself useful, or else – Vette disapproves (+50 Influence)
Trigger: Vette says this leads back to the Gang
  1. I have faith in your skills – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Don’t think. Be certain.
  3. Congratulations, you survive
  • Escape the Necropolis
  • Locate Power Cells: 0/3
  • Restore Power to the Door
  • Escape the Necropolis
Trigger: Scorpio says if Vaylin distracts ARIES, there is a stop to stop him
  1. Tell me what’s in it for you
  2. You must think I’m an idiot
  3. I want you all dead – SCORPIO will remember that (+200 Influence)
  • Defeat the Colossus War Droid
Trigger: Theron say he can establish a remote connection to his shuttle
  1. You can fly it here. Perfect! – Theron approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Why not the Gravestone?
  3. Think faster next time – Theron disapproves (+50 Influence)
Trigger: Lana says those droids will cut us down
  1. Unless we use that droid
  2. We’re stronger. We’ll survive
  3. Your attitude isn’t helping – Lana disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Defend Your Companions
Trigger: ARIES says when it fires this time, you will not wake up
  1. You’ll kill thousands! – Koth approves (+200 Influence)
  2. I think you’re bluffing – Lana approves (+200 Influence)
  3. That weapon should be mine
Trigger: Koth asks if we are melting SCORPIO
  1. I’ll bring her to justice – Koth/Lana disapproves (+50 Influence)
  2. Escape is not her plan – Lana is concerned (+50 Influence)
  3. She’s as good as dead – Lana/Koth approves (+200 Influence)
  • Locate ARIES in his base
  • Defeat Purifier Drones
  • Defeat ARIES
  • Shut Down the Iokath Weapon
Trigger: SCORPIO asks you to let her go
  1. You’re free/ I owe you that much – SCORPIO will remember your kindness (+200 Influence), +150 LS
  2. Not a chance/I know you too well. +150 DS
  • Escape ARIES Base
Trigger: Koth says this isn’t my home anymore (If he betrayed you)
  1. It could be again – Koth appreciates that
  2. You’ll find a new one
  3. Traitors don’t have homes
  • Speak to Lana Beniko

Chapter 6: The Dragon’s Maw





  • Board the Transport in the Military Hangar
Trigger: Theron asks you how he looks
  1. You make a convincing knight – Theron approves (+200 Influence)
  2. [Flirt] I like what I see
  3. I’m not feeling confident
  4. Like an alliance spy – Theron disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Sneak into the Party
  • Rendezvous with Indo Zal
  • Place Ion Charge on Control Node 1-6.
    • Talk to the Guard at the Guard Barracks on the upper floor first and then the Kitchen Attendant on the main floor right by the Kitchen


    • Charge Node 1 is near the kitchen and you can get access to it when you retrieve food for the guards
    • When you place food on the table inside the Guard Barracks, a new room opens up and you can retrieve a shield.


    • Charge Node 6 can be reached once you deliver the food
    • Access the Security Center with the Shield equipped to place charges on Node 3 and 4 on the Sub-level 1
    • For Charge Node 2, you need to have the shield and then access the sub-levels from storage. There will be a separate door here on the sub-level 1 that allow you get close to the server room where you can get a maintenance badge to open the door to the room where Node 2 is located.


    • For the Control Node 5, talk to the guard at top of the Grand Ballroom on Level 2
    • (Bonus) Networking Opportunities: Access Palace Server Network. Use the Security Console on the table in the Security Center to distract guard away from one of the doors so you can access the control rooms and disengage the locks on the server rooms.


  • Get to the Ballroom
  • Defeat the Pit Beasts (You and Indo Must Survive)
  • Defeat the Rancor
  • Speak to Indo Zal
Trigger: Indo asks what you are your orders for the rebels
  1. Keep everyone safe. +100 LS
  2. You’re my cannon fodder. +100 DS
  • Find Vaylin (To get out of the rancor pits look for a pile of bones at the back you can climb). Then fight back to the second floor by going through the loading docks.
    • There is a Vayllin Holo decoration piece you can pick up on the table in the Grand Foyer room.
  • Defeat Horizon Guard Forces
  • Speak to Arcann
Trigger: If Arcann wishes to join your alliance (if you didn’t attack Senya in Chapter I)
  1. The Alliance stands with you. +100 LS
  2. Pledge yourself to me, Zakuul – Arcannn disapproves (+50 Influence), +100 DS
Trigger: If you defeated Arcann
  1. I am your protector, Zakuul. + 100 LS
  2. Witness Arcann’s disgrace, +100 DS
  • Escape the Penthouse
Trigger: Arcann says he is in your debt (If Arcann joined your alliance)
  1. She knew you weren’t lost – Arcann approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Prove we can trust you – Arcann appreicates your honesty (+200 Influence)
  3. And don’t forget it – Arcann disapproves (+50 Influence)

Chapter 7: Into the Void





  • Make Your Way to the Sanitarium
  • Defeat Horizon Captain
Trigger: Lana says the void wants to annihilate her existence
  1. I sense it, too
  2. [Flirt] I’ll Protect You – Lana remembers your kindness (+200 Influence)
  3. We’ll be safe
  4. We’re not stopping
  • Explore the Sanitarium
    • (Bonus): Jarak’s Journals: Listen to the Holojournals 0/7. +20 Command Points, 18,485 credits


  • Find a Way to Open the Door (Key is in one of the books on the table)
  • Open the Door
  • Find a Way Deeper into the Sanitarium
  • Find a Way to Open the Door
  • Open the Door
  • Explore the Sanitarium
  • Defeat the Twisted Experiments
  • Explore the Sanitarium
  • Escape the Vault
  • Activate the Backup Generator
Trigger: Dramath asks you to release him
  1. I will release you – Lana disapproves, +50 LS
  2. I’m keeping you imprisoned – Lana approves, +50 DS

If you imprison Dramath instead of releasing him, he will show up as a temporary companion later on to help you.

  • Defeat the Guardians
  • Defeat the Corrupted Vault Guardian
  • Escape the Sanitarium

Chapter 8: End Times





  • Travel to the Gravestone Dry Dock
  • Commandeer a Walker
  • Get to the Gravestone Dry Dock
    • (Bonus) Key Communications: Destroy Key Communications Array: 0/3. 22,182 credits,+20 CXP
Trigger: Torian says Mando reinforcements are coming
  1. Knew I could count on you – Torian approves (+200 Influence)
  2. [Flirt] I can count on you – Torian approves (+200 Influence)
  3. What about the Gravestone?
  4. Took you long enough – Torian disapproves (+50 Influence)
Trigger: Vette says she got toys
  1. [Flirt] Nice work, Vette – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Be careful out there – Vette approves (+200 Influence)
  3. His toys could come in handy
  4. Try not to mess this up – Vette disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Continue to the Gravestone Dry Dock
    • (Bonus) Allies in Battle: Locate Allies: 0/8. 22,182 credits,+20 CXP. Right click on the NPC/companions to start this bonus
    • Nico Okarr, Pierce, Yuun, Kaliyo, Qyzen, Aric Jorgan, Gault. If you killed off any of the companions, they will be replaced by a generic Alliance Member. The last companions can be found in the Alliance HQ Base.
Trigger: Senya says she and Arcann are at the gravestone (if you have not killed them)
  1. Good to hear your voice – Senya appreciates that (+200 Influence)
  2. Senya? Is that you?
  3. About time you woke up
  • Stay On Course to the Gravestone Dry Dock
  • Defeat the Zakuul Forces Attacking the Gravestone
Trigger: Senya says now you are paying the price
  1. Don’t blame yourself – Senya will recall your kindness (+200 Influence)
  2. Time to earn your keep – Senya appreciates that (+200 Influence)
  3. Vaylin will pay for this!
  • Head to the Front Lines
  • Defeat the Enemy Forces
  • Commandeer a Walker
  • Continue to the Front Lines
  • Defeat the Enemy Forces
Trigger: Valkorion asks if you are ready for that burden
  1. Save Vette – Vette will remember your heroism (+Influence)
  2. Save Torian – Torian is grateful for your assistance (+Influence)

The companion that you don’t save will die, so pick carefully.

  • Save Vette or Torian
  • Confront Vaylin at the Alliance Base Landing Platform
Trigger: Vaylin asks you if you have any last words
  1. You are beyond redemption – +50 LS
  2. This is what Valkorian wants. +50 LS
  3. [Attack Vaylin] – +50 DS.
  • Defeat Vaylin (she reflects damage outside melee range)
Trigger: Vaylin says the Eternal Throne is hers
  1. I never wanted it. +50 LS
  2. It’s over, Vaylin.
  3. You can’t stop me. +50 DS
  • Talk to your Alliance Members in the War Room
Trigger: Bey’wan Aygo says Eternal Fleet is bombing Zakuul into oblivion
  1. We have to help them. +50 LS
  2. Valkorion’s behind this!
  3. Good. Let them burn. +50 DS

Chapter 9: The Eternal Throne




Darkside Ending


  • Get to the Bridge
Trigger: Lana says the fleet will stop at nothing to protect the throne
  1. The Gravestone can break it
  2. We’ll have to improvise
  3. Arcann. We need your insight – Arcann aproves (+200 Influence)
  4. The more carnage, the better – Arcann/Senya disapproves (+50 Influence)
Trigger: Romance option with alliance companion
  1. Kiss (+200 Influence)
  2. Inspire (+200 Influence)
Trigger: Arcann/Senya joining the fight
  1. Glad to hear it – Arcann/Senya approves (+200 Influence)
  2. Beware Valkoirion
  3. Don’t cross me – Arcann/Senya disapproves (+50 Influence)
  • Seize the Eternal Throne
  • Take Cover
  • Defeat the Knights of Zakuul
  • Seize the Eternal Throne
  • Find the Holocron
  • Cleanse Your Memories to Open Your Inner Mindscape: 0/5
  • Locate the Holocron
  • Defeat Vaylin’s Spirit. Get out of the way for Force Overload when she reaches 30 stacks or position yourself by the stairs/pillar and use your stun break for Force Slam/Force Siphon. You can use the Memory of Healing that floats around to heal yourself. If you sucked Lord Dramath into the Holocron in Chapter 7, he will appear as a companion to help you, which makes the fight easier. If you can get Vaylin into one of the Memory of Healing, it will do massive damage to Vaylin.
  • Defeat Valkorion. When Valkorion is not in any transformation, use the Force Drain option on your Holocron to deal massive damage. If Valkorion transforms to light or dark, you can use the corresponding transformation on your holocron or just damage him as usual.